The two major differences between a New Haven pie and a run-of-the-mill pie are the crust and the sauce. The New Haven dough isn't rushed to rise and tossed around like New York style. Instead, it is allowed to ferment longer and gets a whole night of cold proofing before coming back up to room temperature, when it is stretched gently into its signature oblong shape and put into a coal-fired oven.

The New Haven pies don't always have a tomato-based sauce, and mozzarella, or "mootz," doesn't come standard. The New Haven Traditional "red pie" takes the signature dough and layers it only with their fresh tomato mixture and a dusting of pecorino. 

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Elgin Park brews beer on-site using a new seven-barrel brewing system that was custom built in Portland, Oregon, by Pioneer Tank & Vessel. With guidance from Eric Marshall, Marshall Brewing Company’s founder and brewmaster, we are able to produce a variety of high quality craft ales and lagers that are perfect to enjoy on their own or with our pizza, wings, and burgers. 

Our beers are crafted using traditional brewing methods that Eric learned while apprenticing in Germany.  We will brew several year round offerings as well as seasonal brews and one-offs throughout the year. Elgin Park, in addition to its on-site beers, has 6 guest taps reserved for some of our favorite breweries.